Adams Builder Series Stone Fireplace Mantel

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10 in stock

10 in stock

Any Custom Size Available

  • Economical Kits Include Facing & Hearths – Call
    (904) 345-5400
  • Single Size Fits Firebox Openings up to 41″ Wide & 32″- 40″ High
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • 4 Natural Stone Finishes
The Adams Builder Series Stone Mantel Surround is part of the economical mantel kit collection including an adjustable facing panel and a flat 1″ hearth.

Please call
(904) 345-5400 to get a quote for special firebox widths. We can accommodate most firebox width scenarios by adjusting the length of your shelf and can accommodate 3-piece facing or seamless facing to cover the gaps. The Adjustable Inset Panel allows firebox opening heights between 32″ and 40″.

Each mantel has variations in color and texture, capturing the true essence of natural stone.

Because this stone mantel is lightweight, preparation and installation are easier and much less costly than traditional solid stone mantels. Special wall and floor reinforcement is NOT necessary for easy installation. Each stone mantel is fire-resistant and allows zero clearance from combustible material (no space required between firebox and this mantel material or surround facing), making it the perfect choice for wood or gas fireplaces.


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