From the ancient days we all know that the most important words are written in stone instead of paper. Let us remember famous Bible verses that are written in the second book of Moses, Exodus, in 20th chapter and further. This chapter tells us the story of how God made a covenant with people and gave them tablets with the Ten Commandments. The most significant event since the beginning of time was recorded on stone to be a reminder for eternity. The purpose of a monument sign is not only to make your business easy to find, but also to leave a memorable impression on everyone who sees it. With the professional elegance of Royal Foam monument signs, you will dramatically increase your business’s exposure and strengthen your corporate identity. Using a wide range of materials, colors and creative design elements, we will build a monument sign that not only promotes your business, but also becomes a vital link in your marketing efforts. Get started today with a FREE quote, call us at 904.632.2355. Write at


Royal Foam is the logical choice for custom fabricated foam for maintenance-free marquee signage and architectural street sign mounts. Built to outlast any conventional stucco sign. Royal Foam materials are affordable, durable, lightweight and easy to install. We have several design options available. Choose the look you want, the height and width you need, and the style of the marquee. Royal Foam on-line catalog shows examples of each style and size available – or call us for custom options. The hard coat protection gives Royal Foam the durability to withstand any climate with resistance to rusting or rotting. This coating also insures an insect, bird and pest proof finish that is also fire and impact resistant. The end result is a maintenance-free, custom marquee sign that will outlast any conventional stucco, wood or metal sign.Our products are constructed of one pound polystyrene core, which is coated with our exclusive hard coating, giving it durability. Then we finish with a synthetic stucco or brick look that offers a professional appearance. Allow your creativity to run free with our ability to match any color. It is so easy and simple that two people can install the sign without the use of heavy equipment. The ability to manufacture a sign that is lightweight also insures your shipping fees are kept to a minimum. Add a unique look to your custom marquee sign by choosing sandblasted, free style or faux brick finish. Our signs give you the versatility to add panels, recessed graphics or illuminated sign cabinets to your designs. We offer several standard models or we can custom design your marquee.


Make the right impression with this Royal Foam affordable marquee. It is ideal for entrance signs to shopping centers, office buildings, and housing developments. These Royal Foam monument signs allow you to neatly and efficiently make the signage of your project visible and readable even from a distance. A great choice for your Sign Project needs. This is a cost-effective solution to the need for significant signage, especially when identical signs are needed for a project.


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