Carlton Fieldstone Faux Stone Wall Panel



10 in stock

10 in stock

With a large variety of color choices available, Carlton Fieldstone veneer panels offer a wide range of design options for your home or place of business – indoors or on the exterior. These outdoor wall panels are perfect for enhancing various spaces, whether you’d like to improve a room in an old house, update a garden/patio area, or use the panels for a new home build. Fieldstone will add a timeless, acutely appealing look to any setting. Its unique mosaic pattern and shading perfectly recreate the look of real New England flagstone at a fraction of the cost and labor.

A particular added benefit of this panel is that its height makes it an almost perfect size to be installed as wainscoting and suited to fit under most standard windows – reducing waste and installation time.

There’s no need to fear long weekend hours spent maintaining these stone panels. They require virtually no upkeep – no painting, sealing or repairs are required with their heavy-duty weatherproof material. If the panels get dirty, only an occasional wipe down or shot from the water hose is all the cleaning needed. Even better, their polyurethane makeup is so lightweight; the average adult can install the panels themselves in a matter of hours.

Envision Carlton Fieldstone panels on your walls or exterior. Rest assured, making the vision a reality will be dramatically satisfying.

Nominal Overall Panel Dimensions: 47 ¾” Wide × 33″ High × 1 ½” Thick
Nominal Coverage Dimensions: 45 ⅜” Wide × 29 ¼” High

Pay over time Billd Credit  up to 120 days

Minimum purchase 5K, Annual revenue > 500K, FICO® Scores >600