River Wood Quick Ship Beam

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10 in stock

Any Custom Size Available

River Wood faux beams feature a lightly distressed appearance that highlights the beautiful grain lines and texture. The natural look and texture makes them perfect for trusses, or as interior and exterior accents.

These beams are a lightweight and versatile alternative to real wood. Their ultra-realistic appearance allows you to add the warmth and beauty of wood to any space in your home or business without dealing with the weight or upkeep. Our quick ship faux wood beams can be butted together in your vision calls for longer beams and are easily cut to size with any wood cutting saw. Our custom beam straps or classic clavos straps are a great option if you elect to cover a seam (trust us – most customers don’t).

Using high-density polyurethane, we’re able to perfectly recreate every knot, check, divot and grain line found on real wood while drastically cutting down on weight and enhancing durability. The stunning result is a beam that is indistinguishable from real wood.

The virtually maintenance-free design and material will mean that there is no costly upkeep and no fear of regular replacement or repairs. Just pop these up on your ceiling and reap the benefits.

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