Heavy Hand Hewn Wood Beams

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10 in stock

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These cedar beams are painstakingly crafted to create the highly distressed look of reclaimed wood. Their heavily hand-hewn texture and natural coloring will add a rustic, captivating look to your exterior and interior décor.

The beams’ wood undergoes a proprietary wood treatment process that results in a gorgeous, weathered color and makes it less prone to cracking, warping, checking and twisting. And unlike real reclaimed wood, these beams won’t have any insects hiding inside.

We also offer a greater consistency in size and length with these beams. This is beneficial when covering structural elements, because the measurement of the beams will stay the same from beam to beam. Long lengths, such as 32 feet, are difficult to find from reclaimed sources due to high demand. Thanks to this reliability in size, building truss designs is also much easier to do.

Available in 8 beautiful colors, Heavy Hand Hewn beams are lightweight and very easy to install. You’ll love the way they look on your designs, indoors and out.

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