Heritage Faux Wood Beams

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10 in stock

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Heritage simulated distressed wood beams mimic the appearance of older, weathered or aged beams with sweeping lines and more jagged looking grain pattern. This brings the character of older wood construction that has endured the years and elements. But faux beams are resistant to deterioration and will keep this eye-catching appearance while many real wood products would need costly upkeep.

Creating rustic ceiling ideas or rugged exterior accents is a snap. The beautifully weathered look of these beams adds eye-catching visual detail no matter where you add them. From living rooms and family rooms to dens, bedrooms and trusses – the possibilities are endless.

Finding a similar distressed beam with this level of quality and character in the size you need would be a hassle but our custom beams are available in thousands of size variations to suit any project. Heritage beams are also available three sided, four sided – with our without endcaps.

Made from high density polyurethane and using a mold taken of real wood, the beams recreate the exact grain, texture, crack, checks and more that the real thing had. This process makes them practically indistinguishable from real wood once installed in your home, office or business. Another great benefit is that these beams weigh a fraction of what a similarly sized beam would.

Add the warmth, beauty and rustic charm of wood to your home without the cost, upkeep or hassles of the real thing.

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