Wire Brushed Wood Beams

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10 in stock

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Crafted to emulate real reclaimed barnwood, Wire Brushed beams matches its texture, color and character to an incredible degree. The wire-brushed finish, achieved with a special treatment process to soften the grain of the wood, gives them an elegant, handsome look. Up close and from a distance, these beams are remarkably indistinguishable from the real thing. Thanks to this process, the beams are also much less prone to cracking, twisting, warping and checking.

An additional benefit is our inventory’s consistent range of lengths, sizes and colors, which is hard to come by with real salvaged wood. This is advantageous for creating designs that require uniformity throughout, and also makes it easy to cover things like pipes and I-beams. Building trusses with these is also much easier – you’ll never have a piece that’s too long or too short.

Wire Brushed are also available in long lengths, up to 32 feet.

Offered in a great selection of gorgeous colors, these beams are remarkably lightweight, and extremely easy to install. You’ll easily find a style that goes beautifully with your design.

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